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The Severed Body Parts List

Mailing lists are a great thing. And the Weird Al Mailing List inspired this Al list of severed human body parts, as seen in Weird Al visual entertainment (music videos, movies, etc) and his (somewhat graphic) song lyrics. This concept was thought up by Adzo, Mailing List subscribers, and some of the ideas for it were given by its members, who credit for is given at the bottom page along with their e-mail address and webpage, if any.

So now, without further adeu, here's the list. The items are in alphabetical order. No one was injured in the making of this list. Enjoy, and any questions, comments, accuraccy errors, or items for the list should be e-mailed to this address: WeirdAl@ravensnest.freeservers.com.

Now listed on Elvis's List of Lists, found on his website!

ALmusic 2 and ALTV 1992- Al tries to imitate a video of a guy getting hit in the head with a big hammer and his head goes into a cartoon shape as it gets hit. So Al says," Wow! I've just gotta try that my self!" and smacks a hammer at his fore-head as blood flows down his face smoothly and becomes unconcious. {Timo}

Also in ALmusic 2- he reads a leeter of a fan who wants something of Al. So Al gets all mad, reaches down his shirt and rips out his heart. Then Al falls down dying with blood all over his right hand and on his chest. {Timo}

AlTV 3- Al Interviews some people beat up by Prince. {Lee}

Concerts (and on AlMusic)- Al slits his arm and/or his tounge with a meat skewer {Lee}

Eat It -(Music Video)-Gang member pulls girlfriends head off {Adzo}
Also in video- Guitar player blows up. If you run this through slow motion you can actually see a cardboard cut out as a stand in at the last second. {Elvis}

Fat (Music Video)- Guy gets squashed when Al jumps on him...(no severed body parts here, but it hurts just as much) {Lee}

Headline News (song lyrics)- A rather important body part gets cut off by the guy's wife...{Sandy}

Jurrassic Park-(Music Video)-guy gets picked up by a dinosaur and bitten in half. {Sandy}
Also in video-a guy is almost pulled in two and another falls apart when a dinosaur walks behind him. {Sandy}
More in video- Barney's head get's bitten off and chewed up {Joltman}

Like a Surgeon - (Music Video)-Al's finger is cut off {Insane Ian}

Living With A Hernia - (Music Video) - A man stands there with his severed head in his hand {JawaHutt}

Smells like Nirvana -(Music Video)- Headbanger loses head {Adzo}
Also in video- one guy pulls another guy's arm off and starts swinging it around. {Lee}
In song lyrics- one of the lines is "Ears are bleeding"...I would just rather have my ears cut off! {Joda}

Spy Hard - (Movie Intro Song in which Al sang)-Al's head blows up {JawaHutt}
Also in movie-Andy Griffith's arms blow off {JawaHutt}

The Night Santa Went Crazy (song lyrics)- reindeer gets slaughtered by a Santa who's had a bit too much egg nog... {Anne}

UHF-(Weird Al's movie)-kid gets cut in half by Conan the Librarian because of an overdue book. {Adzo} Also in Conan scene, man who didn't know the dewey decimal system got slaughtered {Lee}
Also in movie- Al whips guys arms off {Adzo}
Still yet in movie (violent, huh?)- Woodwork teacher's fingers cut off by circular saw
There's one more in the movie (It should be rated V for Excessive Violence :)-man shot blows up (during Rambo scene) If you run this through slow motion you can actually see the makeshift model of the man that they used to blow up. {Elvis}

 Weird Al Show-Holiday Episode- "Uncle Jonathon" loses a finger. (Well he was only kidding after all!) {Elvis}
Also in series- Time Machine Episode- Al's hair and eyebrows get shaved off by the  "safe" electric razor. {Lee}

You Don't Love Me Anymore - (Music Video)-Piano player's hand is ripped off {Lucifer Sam}


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The Movie List

We all know the feeling of walking into a movie theater, a vat of hot, buttery popcorn in our hands, and settling down into the sticky seat which you payed the movie fare for. You sit through the endless previews, and then watch the movie.

That's all familiar to us, isn't it? But Al fans want to know more! What movies is Al mentioned in? What songs can we pop into the CD tray at home and listen to about America's endless nights at the neighborhood movie-plex?

Well here's the answer! My second list: the Movie list!

So sit back and read these examples of Al at the movies!

Now listed on Elvis's List of Lists, found on his website!

Song Lyrics:

In the "Bedrock Anthem", Al sings about the Flinstones: a movie was made about them a few years ago

Alapalooza's first track, Jurassic Park, is about the famous movie made by Steven Spielberg

The parody of P.U.S.A.'s Lump, Gump, is about Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

Al did a song called the Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch, annoying as they are, was made into a movie. Small world, isn't it? {Timo}

Al also did a song called George of the Jungle. This was a Disney movie. {Timo}

Al's song Yoda was about Yoda, a character in the Star Wars movies. {Timo}

Amish Paradise is a parody of Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise, from Dangerous Minds, the movie. {Timo}

Theme Songs:

Al did the theme song to the Lieslie Neilsen movie "Spy Hard" and the opening sequence.

In the beginning of some editions of "Johnny Dangerously", a movie about a gangster turned good, Al's song "This is the Life" can be heard.

Al performed two songs in the TV movie "Safety Patrol" on ABC-Gump and a song written for the movie.

There was a soundtrack to Al's movie UHF, including the opening song and the Beverly Hillbillies song, both of which can be seen in the movie.

"Dare to be Stupid" can be heard in the Transformers movie and soundtrack. {Elvis}

Al's George of the Jungle was on the George of the Jungle movie soundtrack.

Actual Al Appearances:

He is also in Safety Patrol. It was on "The Wonderful World of Disney" on ABC. He performed two songs, and was mentioned by the kids at the school and featured on posters in the school. Leslie Neilsen is also in the movie. {Willie}

Al starred in the movie UHF, where he takes over a TV station and saves it from being sold.

In the Naked Gun movies, you can see Al as a gunman, with Vanna White, and entering the United States coming out of a plane awaiting thousands of screaming fans.

"The Compleat Al" - after al there was a shortened version "movie" that was shown on Showtime and it is available on video and laserdisc. {Elvis}

In Tapeheads, Al walks into a building and someone says something to him {Elvis}

So there you have it! Go and listen to these songs and rent these videos to see your favorite, Weird Al! If you have a submission for the list, send it to me at this address: WeirdAl@ravensnest.freeservers.com!

The Contributors to this list are Elvis , Lee, Willie , Timo and Me!